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2024-2025 Executive Board

Celia Huang

Resident Photographer, 2024-2025


Celia (she, her, hers) is a MPA candidate at NYU Wagner specializing in International Development. With a strong foundation in public affairs, Celia is passionate about aging, social justice, entrepreneurship, and technology applications in public administration. In her free time, she enjoys exploring New York City’s diverse neighborhoods and capturing the beauty of everyday life through her camera lens. Celia is excited to collaborate with board members and contribute her skills to the SIIA.

Faculty Advisor
Andrea Armeni

Andrea Armeni
Director of Social Impact, Innovation, and Investment Specialization

Previous Executive Boards


Co-chair  Andrew Garrett, Rachel Fleischer

Alumni Relations  Loren Sass, Nirav Shah, Daniel Gunton(FYR)

Communications Vicky (Qianqian) Zheng, Jenna Dyer(FYR)

Events Nicole Jagernauth, Lee-Anne AndanjePei Li Chua(FYR)

Partnerships Ivan (Xiaoru) Fang, Devashish Taknet, Brian Ward

Lara Mullen(FYR), Alex Tellides(FYR)


Alexandra Kotis, Andrew Garrett, Annie Schonberger, Ben Goodwin, Devashish Taknet, Ellie Kiernan, Felipe Ramirez, Lamba Najib, Madison Friedman, Nirav Shah, Serena Desai and Tyler Rice



Alexandra Kotis, Annie Schonberger, Emily Farley Chang, Felipe Ramirez, Hilarina Casie Chitty, Jordana Grunfeld, Juan Junca, Kyle Roland, Madison Friedman, Serena Desai and Tyler Rice

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